Dental Implants Implant Options

Dental Implant Options

Replacing one tooth the same day

Often a dental implant can be placed at the same time as the removal of a failing natural tooth. The dental implant does not require treatment to the adjacent teeth and, in fact, can help preserve them. The dental implant and implant crown are maintained similar to a natural tooth, and can look, feel and function similar to a natural tooth. In some instances, your dentist can secure a temporary tooth to the implant that same day.

Why not have a natural tooth bridge?

There are several drawbacks to fixed bridges as compared to dental implants. A bridge may require the cutting down of healthy adjacent teeth that may or may not need to be restored in the future. Then there is the additional cost of possibly having to replace the bridge once, twice or more over the course of a lifetime. Recurrent decay, gum disease and wear and tear often doom fixed bridgework to early failure. For these reasons, fixed bridges usually need to be replaced every five to seven years

Replacing missing teeth without implants: partial denture

A removable partial denture is made of plastic and is removed at bedtime. This appliance may move during speech or eating, which may be physically and psychologically uncomfortable. For stability, your dentist may add metal hooks that wrap around surrounding teeth. These hooks may be visible and cause additional tooth loss due to mechanical forces on remaining teeth. Partial dentures may also accelerate bone loss. This negatively affects the width, height and density of oral bone creating bony defects. It may be difficult to chew or eat properly and require multiple ongoing dental visits. You may need to replace the removable partial denture every three to five years.

Replacing all teeth with a removable complete denture

A complete denture, or “false teeth,” is made of plastic and is removed at bedtime. This appliance may move during speech or eating, which may be physically and psychologically uncomfortable. These ill-fitting appliances are stabilized by the daily application of denture adhesives. However, even with denture adhesive, false teeth are unstable and your diet is limited to softer non-chewing foods.

Implant retained dentures are secured in place onto three or more dental implants by attachments that connect to the implant. It is not necessary to use denture adhesives. The attachments allow you to have control over when your teeth are removed for easy daily care.

Replacing all teeth with a fixed complete denture

Implant supported fixed dentures are replacement teeth secured in place by the foundation provided by dental implants. This option is fixed and only your dentist has control over when your replacement teeth can be removed. Implant-supported replacement teeth help to preserve your oral bone, gum tissue and natural facial contours.

They are easy to care for, they look, feel and function like natural teeth and you are able to chew regular foods.

Replacing all teeth the same day

Just like single teeth, your surgeon can remove all your teeth, place dental implants and in some cases, your dentist can attach a full set of temporary fixed teeth that same day.


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